BeoSound 3


Production: 2006 - present

Documents: Owners Manual

The BeoSound 3 covered only the FM waveband and included an electronic antenna (as with BeoSound 1) which gracefully rose whenever the set was turned on. Likewise it retracted when the set was turned off. Controls for its use were on the top of the unit. Pioneered by BeoCenter 2, soft-touch operation on aluminium continued its theme on this portable model as well.

Running on its own rechargeable batteries - but unfortunately not coming with its own mains charger - the BeoSound 3 was a lightweight portable FM-only radio with built-in timer facilities acting both as an alarm clock complete with timer start and timer stop modes.

The radio station allowed the user to store up to 99 radio stations and the SD-card reader could read SD cards up to 2GB. With three products in the Bang & Olufsen range having the facility to read SD cards - portables BeoSound 1 and Beosound 3 and the static BeoSound 4 - BeoSound 3 was not alone in this ability.

The cabinet was of a different vertical style (previous Beolit radios were all based on an horizontal design) and a rounded handle allowed the customer to mount the portable radio to the wall came with the original purchase.

Facts to bear in mind when purchasing BeoSound 3:

BeoSound 3 was an FM-only radio. It did not include the ability to receive DAB digital broadcasts, nor did it have the facility to add one at a later date. However, with DAB broadcasts becoming more and more doubtful across the world (France for example abandoned DAB upgrading plans) this is no bad thing. However, with countries such as the UK going totally-DAB in the next few years, this move by that country would render the purchase of the BeoSound 3 - devoid of any FM radio broadcasts - totally useless in the near future.

Another fact to bear in mind regarding a possible purchase of this product was that the radio was playback only. There was no facility to make recordings to it on its SD card.

The third and final point to remember is that BeoSound 3 delivered its sound just through the one speaker - in mono - only. It was only when one used a pair of stereo headphones that one could hear recorded stereo sound.

BeoSound 3 technical specifications

Power consumption: Typical 12 W, standby 0,6 W
Radio: FM, 59 radio presets
Features: Wake-up timer, SD-card playback (MP3, WMA)
Loudspeaker system: Built-in, closed box
Power amplifier modules: 1 unit, Class A/B
Connections: Battery charge, SD card, stereo headphones
Accessories included: Wall bracket, black (included)
Dimensions/Weight 13.5 x 9 x 42.1 cm /2.5 kg (handle upright)
Cabinet finish: Aluminium

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