BeoSound 3200


Production: 2003 - 2011

Documents: Owners Manual, Owners Manual, Service Manual

Following on from the successful Beocenter 2300/2500 ranges, and adding on to the existing BeoSound Ouverture and BeoSound 3000 range of products, the new addition of BeoSound 3200 was made. The big difference between this product and the BeoSound 3000 was that it contained a new technology, that of ‘CD memory’. With it, one could copy compact discs and store them in digital form, on the machine’s hard drive. Once there, the tracks could be summoned, either through the deck itself or by another sysyem connected to it by way of MasterLink.

Up to 396 compact discs could be stored this way in its hard drive memory. The sampled music could be organised in four groups, each one given a colour to match the coloured buttons on the control panel, as well as those on the optional Beo4 remote control. Musical choices could be customised by the music genre or by a family member. Further, BeoSound 3200 could play back the tracks in random order. BeoSound 2 or another MP3 player could also be connected directly to BeoSound 3200. Compact discs were stored in four groups of 99 with each group being edited and named in order to facilitate an easy search of musical tracks.

BeoSound 3200 retained the main features of its forerunners: ‘magic doors’ which opened as a hand approached the unit, the large-clamper CD player and its comprehensive tuner.

Drawbacks of the BeoSound 3200 were that, although one could record CDs in digital form, there was no way of recording from the radio in the same way that one could do with the compact cassette.

As well as the built-in HDD (hard drive) BeoSound 3200 also comprised a CD player together with FM and AM tuner. Connections were made via Power Link and MasterLink. Via BeoPort, BeoSound 3200 is also able to play back Internet radio.

A wall bracket is available for the unit for affixing to a wall and can be connected to any active speaker via its Power Link connections.

BeoSound 3200 technical specifications

32 x 36 x 16 cm / 7 kg
Cabinet finish: Black/aluminium

Power consumption: Typical 22 watts/standby < 3 watts
Tuner: Built-in
Pre-tuned radio programmes: 60 FM or AM
Radio ranges: FM-AM
RDS/Naming: Built-in

Compact disc: Built-in
Disc sizes: 12cm, 8cm
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Signal-to-noise-ratio: Typical 101 dB, A-weighted
D/A converting: Bitstream, Analogue filtering


CD Memory:
- Built-in Hard disc drive
- Random
- Naming
- Compact disc grouping. 4 groups
Capacity: Max 99 discs in each group
A/D, D/A converter: Sigma-delta Bitstream
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Signal-noise ratio: > 100dB
Audio processing: Compressed audio
Bitrate: MP3 at 192 KB
Power Link (two)
FM aerial, 75 ohm
AM aerial (Dedicated)
Master Link (ML)

Beolink®: Master Link (ML)

Remote control: Beo4
Wall bracket system: 2087 Black
Wall bracket, center: 2052 Black
Stand 2051: Aluminium, Black, Blue, Green, Red
Floor center stand: 2068 Aluminium

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