BeoLit 800

BeoLit Portable Radio

Production: 1965 - 1968

Documents: Owners Manual, Service Manual, Service Manual

Beolit 800 was a top-of-the-range portable radio and replaced the Beolit 611 de Luxe FMT in 1965. It covered the FM, LW, MW, and SW wavebands and offered 1W of undistorted sound.

Finished in wood with rubberized feet, it could be used in a variety of different poses. Its own internal battery set powered the unit. There were the usual connections for an external record deck/tape recorder, external loudspeaker and a pair of headphones and separate treble and bass controls were provided, as was a separate tuning scale to tune in to stations on the FM band. A single tuning knob could be used on both the LW/AM/SW and FM tuning scales and a novel invention - the ‘Radicator’ was fitted to display either the battery voltage (when the radio was turned off) or to show the signal strength of the tuned-in radio station. A series of sliding indicators in a channel running underneath the FM tuning scale could be lined up with a particular station’s frequency and used to line up the tuning pointer to these frequencies quickly.

Bang & Olufsen with Jacob Jensen were given 1970  iF Award for their design of the Beolit 800.

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