BeoMaster 3500

BeoMaster Tuner/Amplifier

Production: 1990 - 1993

Documents: Owners Manual, Service Manual

Beomaster 3500, like several other products of the late 1970s right up to the Beosystem 4500 was based upon Jacob Jensen’s design for the superlative Beomaster 1900 designed and produced some fourteen years earlier. However, finished in gunmetal grey, Beomaster 3500 looked and was regarded as something entirely different from the original product on which it was based.

Whether it was because of its dull color, the receiver was never indeed held in many regards by the purchasing public. Technically-speaking, Beomaster 3500 was in all ways a more basic version of the Beomaster 4500, a receiver which was held in high regard by customers. So there was very little difference in how it performed and the sound that it produced. But in ways of convenience and looks it was never in the same class as Beomaster 4500.  For a start, it was not possible to program the 3500. Nor was there two-way communication although the receiver could be controlled quite adequately by the Beolink 1000 terminal.  One could also ‘hang’ the whole system on the wall, somewhat like a work of art. Both systems delivered 2 x 40W of pure sound and had the usual three radio wavebands.  Datalink and Power Link were fitted to both Beomaster 3500 and 4500.

Ideally, Beomaster 3500 was a part of Beosystem 3500 which was made up of the Beogram 3500 record deck,  Beocord 3500 cassette recorder, Beogram CD3500 player, a pair of Beovox Redline RL35 speakers and a Beolink 1000 remote control.

BeoMaster 3500 technical specifications

EUR 2966 (1990 - Sept 1993) 
GB 2967 (1990 - Sept 1993) 
US 2968 (1990 - Sept 1993) 
Long-term max. output power IEC: 2 x 55 W / 8 ohms 
Harmonic distortion DIN/IEC: < 0.08 % 
Power output 20 - 20,000 Hz IHF: 2 x 20 W / 8 ohms 
Total hamonic distortion IHF: < 0.1 % at 20 W 20 - 20,000 Hz 
Intermodulation: < 0.1 % 

Bass control at 40 Hz:: +/- 12 dB 
Treble control at 12000 Hz: +/- 12 dB 

FM range: 
Type: 2961, 2962, 2963, 2965: 87.5 - 108.5 MHz 
Type: 2964: 76 - 90 MHz 

Power supply: 2966: 220V 
2967: 240V 
2968: 120V 
Power consumption: 10 - 135 W 

RIAA amplifier: No 
Dimensions W x H x D: 62 x 7 x 25cm 
Weight: 7 kg 

Connections: Speakers 2 sets 
TP 1: DIN 
PowerLink: 2

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