BeoVision 2600


Production: 1969 - 12/1972

Suitable for smaller rooms, the Beovision 2600K accommodated a forward-facing ‘open’ color tube of 26″ which offered 3,5W of mono sound through its two oval-shaped loudspeakers.

It could rest on a table or shelf or could be bought with its own wheeled base.

BeoVision 2600 technical specifications



3611 (1969 - Dec 1972) 
3619 (1969 - Dec 1972) 
Picture tube: 22-in. shadow mask tube, Type A 56-120 X 
Special feature: automatic colour section cut-out when set is tuned to monochrome Telecast 
VHF and UHF: all pushbuttons may be set for any desired channel on VHF (bands I and III, channels 2 - 11) or UHF (channels 21 - 70, 625 lines) 


Power output: 3.5 W at 10 % distortion 
Distortion: 1 % at 3 W 
Tone control range: bass +/- 12 dB at 100 Hz; treble +/- 12 dB at 10 kHz 
Sound detector: radio detector 
Sound intermediate frequency: 6 MHz, 2 stages 

Dimensions W x H x D: 71.7 x 45.8 x 49.2cm 
Weight: 45 kg 
Voltage: 200 - 220 - 240 V AC (in the 220 V position the receiver operated in the range 190 - 240 V 
Frequency: 50 Hz 
Power consumption: approx. 330 W 
Connections: Inputs VHF aerial 75 ohms unbalanced 
UHF aerial 75 ohms unbalanced 
Outputs: extensions speaker, 3 - 5 ohms (switching feature provided in jack)

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