BeoVision 3-32 MKIII


Production: 07/2003 - 07/2006

The BeoVision 3-32 was a wide-screened tabletop model television. With widescreen TVs gaining ground in the early years of the 21st century Bang & Olufsen moved away from the conventional 4:3 format to the 16:9 format whereby prerecorded formats such as DVDs would be shown to their best advantage.  So out went the MX-range of ’square’ TVs and in came BeoVision 3 as a table-top replacement.

Using the same tube as the BeoVision Avant the BeoVision 3-32 offered an excellent quality picture. A contrast screen was standard, but an anti-reflective coating could be ordered as an additional option. The superb sound was provided by the forward-facing active loudspeakers situated on either side of the screen.  A replaceable framed cloth surround could be bought in a variety of colors to revamp a tired color scheme instantly or to make the television instantaneously blend itself into a new environment. A choice of six was on offer:


The tv - like the MX-range and most other televisions from Bang & Olufsen - was made to look slimmer than it was.  From the front, and offset at an angle, it seemed narrower than its bulbous back belied. The TV sat on a rounded-off anodized aluminum ‘base’; the width of which was proportionate to a Beocord V8000 VCR or DVD1 which could be housed inside specially-designed stands beneath the set.

A 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround module could be fitted within the television. MasterLink was fitted as standard as was the Beo4 remote control.

A motorized base/stand was introduced in late 2002, and a year later BeoVision 3-32 was joined by a smaller BeoVision 3-28 partner. With the advent of flat LCD/plasma televisions, the BeoVision 3 range was withdrawn in 2006.

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