Beovox P45 (Panel) Passive Loudspeakers

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1976 - 1980

Slightly larger than the Beovox P30 (and based upon the Beovox P50), the Beovox Uni-Phase P45loudspeaker was too an interesting design in that it was manufactured specifically for mounting on a wall. At 65cm tall it looked relatively large from the front although its depth was only 9cm. It was excellently positioned in Bang & Olufsen’s speaker range to be used with the new, equally-slimline Beomaster 2200 and the Beocenter 4000. Hanging in either a horizontal or vertical position (although, because of its slight angled front it looked better in a vertical position), easy mounting was made possible with its clever rear design.

The unvented pressure chamber-type loudspeaker was based around the Beovox S45 and S45.2 although was much slimmer. Inside were three main drivers: two 125mm woofers together with a 25mm tweeter (and phase-link unit). Despite its relative slimness, bass reproduction was good.

The two bass units were 8-ohm units from Peerless, marked 820809, and the tweeter was a SEAS H086, 25mm, 4 ohm, the same type as used in the Beovox M70. The phase-link unit was also from SEAS, the 10F-M

Connection was made by cable to its rear-mounted DIN socket.

The range of ‘P’ loudspeakers were useful and very flexible in their use. When they were retired from the market there was a gap of a few years’ until production of panelled loudspeakers began once more with Beovox 3000and Beovox 5000.

Beovox P45 (Panel) Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

Type: 6307 (1975 - May 1980) 
Continuous load 45 W 
Music load 75 W 
Impedance: 4 - 8 ohms 
Frequency response +4 -8 dB 45 - 20,000 Hz 
Sensitivity: 4.2 W 
Net volume:15 litre 
Gross volume: 25 litre 
Woofer: 2 x 12.5cm 
Phase link unit: 9 cm 
Tweeter: 2.5 cm 
Dimensions W x H x D: 35 x 65 x 14cm 
Weight: 8 kg

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