Beovision 8802


Production: 1984 - 05/1987

Beovision 8802 was the stereo version of  Beovision 8800.  As stereo sound for TV gradually took its hold around the world more and more manufacturers were producng television sets that were capable of receiving almost hi-fi quality stereophonic sound through the airwaves. Whether your country was capable or not, stereo sound through video tapes was still a possibility and for Bang & Olufsen, the company had two stereo VCR machines available for purchase: VHS 90 and VHS 80. It is interesting to note that in these days of product integration the remote control provided with the receiver - the Video Terminal - could also operate the two B&O video recorders when they were connected to the TV set via either the newly-incorporated in-built SCART or  DIN A/V socket. Thirty-two channels could be stored within the set’s microprocessor.

The Beovision 5502 with 20″ screen and Beovision 7802 receiver, together with the Beovision 8802 television were Bang & Olufsen’s first stereo TV models. All three were technically specified the same; the only difference was the screen size.

A good 14 watts of sound was delivered through a 10cm woofer and 5cm tweeter in its 2-way log line loudspeaker system.  Extension loudspeakers and stereo headphones could also be used with the set. Teletextagain was offered as an option.

As well as the standard two wood finishes: rosewood and teak, Bang & Olufsen also released this range of three televisions as ‘Whiteline’ whereby the whole of the television set - including its rear cover and remote control - was white too, for which a premium was charged. For the privilege Teletext was fitted as standard with all these Whiteline models.

Beovision 8802 was subequently replaced by the Beovision LX2800 when the LX range of televisions was introduced in 1987.

Beovision 8802 technical specifications

Monophonic colour tv with 26" (8802), 22" (7702) and 20" screens (5502). 
Sound system: mono 
Consumption normal use watts: 75 
Stand by watts: 2 

Video Terminal 
TV programmes: 32 
AV programmes: 3 

CTV system

UHF: 21-69 

Width: 77 cm. 
Height: 49 cm. 
Depth: 45.5 cm. 

High Bright in-line 
Automatic contrast 
Permanent Colour Truth 
Programme and channel display 

High Fidelity amplifier. 
Log-line Compact 2-way speaker system 
Sound output RMS watts : 14 

Controls: Beovision Video Terminal. 

Prepared for satellite TV and Teletext. 
Stereo and bilingual broadcasts via stereo decoder and connection to your stereo music system. 

AV socket 21pin 
External speaker 
Audio amplifier/tape, loop amplifier 

Teletext module 
Dual video simulcast interface 

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