BeoVox 500 Passive Loudspeakers

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1966 - 1970

"B&O loudspeakers will meet very exacting conditions as their specifications exceed international hi-fi standards. All B&O speakers are of the pressure-chamber type with an impedance of 4 ohms. They are available in matched pairs only in a choice of teak or Brazilian rosewood finish"

BeoVox 500 Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

Beovox 500 Specifications 
Dimensions (W x H x D) 150 x 280 x 250mm 
Weight 3 kg 
Power handling capacity 5 watts continuous (DIN 45573) 
8 watts peak power Resonance, low-frequency unit 65-70 c/s 
Frequency response (DIN 45570) 80-18000 c/s 
Impedance 4 ohms 
Angle of coverage 90° 
Volume 6,5 litres

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