BeoGram TX2

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1985 - 05/1991

Documents: Owners Manual, Schematic, Service Manual

Like the Beogram TX, Beogram TX2 was sold as a basic turntable. The record deck was a nice-looking item nevertheless and was bought by individuals who wanted more of choice as to what they were offered.  Beogram TX2 could thus be purchased with any of the MMC1 - an MMC5 range of cartridges, dependant on personal preference, as the deck was sold without one.

The record deck was based upon the Beogram 5005 and was withdrawn for sale after a five-year period, which was a good life span for any product in a continually changing world of technology.

Beogram TX2 (Type 5913) was manufactured specially for the North American market when it was fitted with a 110V built-in transformer (but no switching for any other electrical voltages).

BeoGram TX2 technical specifications

5911 (1985 - May 1991) 
USA 5913 (1985 - Nov 1990) 

Wow and flutter, DIN: < 0.06 % 
Rumble weighted: > 80 dB 
Rumble DIN unweighted: > 55 dB 
Speeds: 33 - 45 rpm 
Speed deviation: < +/- 0.2 % 

Power supply: 
5911: 220V 
5913: 120V 
Power consumption: < 10 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 42 x 7.5 x 32.5cm 
Weight: 5.3 kg 

Pickup: MMC 1-5 

Electronic Servo-Drive 
Recommended stylus pressure: 1,2g 
Search function - backwards & forwards 
Pickup sold as extra (depending on choice from MMC 1 - 5 range) 
Link compatibility: Data Link 
Most recent S/W 1.2

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