BeoVision 1500SJ


Production: 1966 - 1967

BeoVision 1500SJ technical specifications

Types 340x 
Aerial Impedance, VHF 
UHF 75 ohms may be altered to 240 ohms by removing transformer 0972085/0507745 
240 ohms only 
Extension Speaker Connection 3-5 ohms 
Gramophone Connection Prepared for gramophone (Beogram 1000, Type 5202) and crystal pick-up 
Power Consumption (Measured with moving-iron instrument) 
TV: 1100 mA (Approx. 245 W) 
FM: 300 mA (Approx 70 W) 
GR: 250 mA (Approx 55 W) 
Power supply 220 V, DC or AC 
Power Output 2.5 W 
Tape Recorder Connection Prepared for diode output 
Tuning FM tuner, 87.5 - 100.5 Mc/1: with AFC 
VHF tuner with mechanical memory device: channels 2-11 
UHF tuner with continuous tuning: channels 21-70 
470-870 Mc/s 
Valves PPC 189, VHF RF amplifier 
PCF 86, VHF mixer 

3 x EF 184, Video IF amplifiers 
PCL 84, AGC and video output stage 
A59 - 11W, Picture tube, 23 in. 114º 
UCF 80 1, Noise inverter and 1st sound IF amplifier 
UCF 80 2, AGC diode and 2nd sound IF amplifier 
UCL 82, AF amplifier and output stage 
PCF 80 3, Separator 
PCL 85, Video output stage 
ECC 81, Automatic line control 
PCF 80 4, Line oscillator 
PL 500, Line output 
PY 88, Booster diode 
DY 87, High voltage diode 
UCC 85, FM RF amplifier and mixer 
UCH 81, 2nd FM mixer 
UM 84, Tuning indicator 
Dimensions W x H x D, Beovision 1500 K: 60 x 49.3 x 39.6 cm 
Dimensions W x H x D, Beovision 1500 SJ: 63.6 x 84.7 x 42.9 cm 
Weight, Beovision 1500 K 28.5 kg 
Weight, Beovision 1500 SJ 36 kg

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