Beovox 1 Passive In-Wall Speaker

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 2007 - present

Perfect Sound in an Imperfect Environment

BeoVox 1 provides an elegant and discrete in-wall or in-ceiling two-way passive loudspeaker solution with excellent sound performance and numerous placement options in one solution.


In the construction are selected high-quality loudspeaker units (one 16.5 cm woofer and one 2.5 cm tweeter) and applied a carefully designed cross-over network to improve its acoustic performance so the sound dispersion in the treble area is optimised.

Most in-wall loudspeakers are either round or square, but Bang & Olufsen has chosen the elegant, discrete, oval design for BeoVox 1 applying typical Bang & Olufsen craftsmanship. It will be available with either a white or black grille but at launch only the white version is available to order.

Many loudspeakers designed for installation in a wet environment may show an IP rating. This applies to products which can be dangerous to touch when water is in the vicinity because it may splash through the product surface and into the electronics. However, BeoVox1 is a product which is not directly connected to mains electricity so it may be installed directly over a bath or in a wet environment without the need to quote an IP rating.

Beovox 1 Passive In-Wall Speaker technical specifications

Grille cover finish 
White, black 

Maximum input level 
80 watts 

6 ohms 

Effective Frequency range 
50 – 20.000 Hz 

Crossover frequency 
3.000 Hz 

87 dB +/-2dB 

Cabinet principle 
Infinite baffle 

Net volume, bass 
18 litres if InWall cabinet is used 

Magnetically shielded 



Operation, Slide switch for treble damping 
1: low, 2: medium, 3: maximum damping 

Sealed for wet room use 

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