Kenneth Knudsen

The BeoCom 2 wireless telephone was introduced to the product telephony range in March 2002 to critical acclaim. Not only did the slender telephone look and behave differently from the vast number of telephones on the market, it also sounded very differently too.

An important part of BeoCom 2’s unique identity was its specially composed ringing tune. Specially created by Danish musician and composer Kenneth Knudsen, the airy and modern sonic expression was created by combining musical notes with a special recording of falling aluminium tubes. Creator Knudsen believed that the sound should reflect the overall expression of the BeoCom 2 concept:

“We call it a ringing tune rather than a tone, as it contains many more elements than a simple note. This ringing tune has an acoustic texture of metal and glass, representing the physical components of the phone itself”, stated Knudsen.

Born in 1946 Kenneth Knudsen is well-known in his native Denmark amassing a huge discography of musical recordings.

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