Beovision AV9000


Production: 1991 - 09/1996

Beovision AV9000 was the monitor which formed the heart of the Beosystem AV9000. It was based on the Beovision MX6000.  The system was Bang & Olufsen’s first home-cinema system used the Dolby Logic Pro to make up a domestic Surround Sound System.

Within the System was the Master Panel AV9000 for sound sources based upon radio, cassettes and a CD player, as well as the required Beolab active loudspeakers to give the surround sound.

An AV9000 Audio Kit was made available in order to allow another audio system other than the Master Panel AV9000 to be used with the Beovision AV9000 Control Center situated beneath the Beovision AV9000. The Kit was identical to the Beolink Converter although different software was used.

Beovision AV9000 technical specifications


Dimensions W x H x D 70.5 x 108 x 60 cm
Weight AV 9000 monitor 46.5 kg
Control Center with Video Tape 45 kg
Cabinet finish Black
Daily operation recommended BeoLink 5000
Sound processing Dolby Surround Sound
Pro-logic decoder
Sound modes (sound 1-5) Mono (Center speaker)
Dolby-3 stereo
Dolby Surround Sound
Stand turning function +/- 33 degrees, remote operated
Power consumption, AV monitor 75 - 200 W, 7 W
AV Control Center Max 120 W, 15 W
AV 9000 Monitor
Picture tube/visual picture Anti-reflex coated
70 cm - 28″/66 cm - 26″
Black Line S, Black Matrix
Contrast screen Grey glass, anti-reflex coated
Vision Clear Auto picture adjustment
Auto cut-off
Wideband CTI
Dynamic Luminance Peaking
Teletext Improved teletext
Fastext, 6 laguages, memory
TV tunes/monitor/video:
Tuner range VHF, S, Hyper, UHF
Nicam + A2
Video Tape functions:
Video playing time, E-240 SP 4 hours, LP 8 hours
Audio playing time, E-240 LP 8 hours
Fast forward/rewind Less than 5 minutes
Slow motion 1/7 x normal speed
Still picture Noiseless
Cue 2 x and 7 x normal speed
Recording system HQ
Sound system Hi-Fi stereo, video/audio
Stereo decoders Nicam + A2
Playback NTSC AV
Timer record programming 8, 1 year, TV, SAT, FM, AM
VPS system Built-in
Center speaker:
Sound Pressure Level 97 dB (mono)
Frequency range +4 dB - 8 dB 60 - 20,000 Hz
Cabinet principle/Net volume Bass Reflex/2.4 litres
Woofer 11.5 cm
Tweeter 1.8 cm
Crossover frequency 3200 Hz
Market specifications:

Market: CTV system
7970 Europe B/G/L
7971 France B/G/L/L´
7972 GB B/G/L/I
7974 Italy B/G/L
7975 AUS B/G
7976 East Europe B/G/D/K

Video:- Tape 2/decoder AV 2, 21-pin AV Link
Camcorder / Auxiliary 3 x phono sockets
Camera pause Mini Jack
S-VHS Y-C playback 4-pin socket
Audio: 1 x Master Link
Link compatibility:

Master Link
Most recent software: VTR459X 1.37 VTR463X 3.1 MONITOR Beo4 2.0 IT 3.0 MCP9000 1.2

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