Beovision 5500


Production: 1981 - 12/1983

Beovision 5500 was a 20″ model provided with the Video Terminal remote control and delivering an impressive 14 watts sound through its 2-way log-line loudspeaker system. The Beovision 5500 / 7700 / 8800range was the first range of Beovision television sets equipped with an infra-red remote control.

Teletext was an option and so was an A/V interface. It was fitted with Automatic Contrast and sixteen stations could be preset. Identical to the Beovision 8800 but with a smaller screen and speakers, these models represented a very slim range of television sets with their fitted 30AX colour tubes.

Low running costs at “less than that of a light bulb”, said the advertisement of the time, made these economical televisions to own and run. They were an excellent range of television sets as they provided top-notch sound and vision which many manufacturers attempted to emulate.

A 34cm undercarriage was provided with the Beovision 5500 as well as headphone and extension speaker sockets. Amplifier/ tape recorder connections were supplied as an option.

Bang & Olufsen’s Loop Amplifier for the hard-of-hearing could be utilised. Beovision 5500 was replaced at the end of its life at the end of 1983 by Beovision 5502.

Beovision 5500 technical specifications

3315 (1981 - Aug 1983) 
B 3325 (1981 - Nov 1983) 
D 3340 (1981 - Aug 1983) 
F 3335 (1981 - Dec 1983) 
GB 3316 (1981 - May 1983) 
GB, View Data 3416 (1981 - Feb 1984) 
GR 3308 (1981 - May 1983) 
Monitor 3406 (1981 - Dec 1985) 
Multi 3336 (1981 - Feb 1984) 
Multi/Oscar 3446 (1981 - Dec 1983) 
View Data 3415 (1981 - Feb 1984) 
CTV system IPAL 
Picture size: 51cm nominal 
Cabinet: wood 
Number of programmes: 16 UHF channels 21 - 69 
Picture tube: 110 degrees in-line self-converging 
Start time: approx 5 seconds 
Aerial impedance: 75 ohms coaxial 
Sound power output: 14 watts 
Harmonic distortion: <0,3% 
Frequency range +/- 1,5dB: 40 - 20000 Hz 
Power supply (50 - 60Hz): 180 - 265 V 
Power consumption: 65 - 130W 
Consumption at normal use: 75W 
Standby: <2W 
Dimensions (WxHxD): 62 x 40 x 39cm/25.5Kg 
Finishes: teak or rosewood 
Standard features: Undercarriage (34cm high), headphones/ext speaker output, Channel indication, tape/amp output 
Optional accessories: Loop amplifier, Teletext decoder, Video FBAS kit

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