BEO (TR26)

FM Portable Radio

Production: 1964 - 1965

This model was sold as the BEO (TR26) in the UK and as the Beo610 in Europe. It was a radio capable of being powered both by batteries and mains power, with twice the power being available when used in mains mode.

FM, MW,LW and 2 SW tuning bands were provided with station positions marked on the MW and LW scales with movable indicators being provided for the FM scale on a bar below the tuning dial. Connections for both a tape player and record player were provided though the record player was expected to be a high impedance or crystal pick up model.

A single speaker was fitted to one side as this was a mono radio and the loudspeakers was an elliptical 11" x 7" SEAS unit of 4 ohm impedance.

The unit weighed 16 lbs when batteries were fitted so was fairly substantial for a portable radio.

The role of this set was overtaken by the 900M though this lacked the battery capability of this set. The Beolit 1000 of only two years later could maybe be seen as a more fitting replacement, again offering both mains and battery power in a compact form.

BEO (TR26) technical specifications

Dimensions: 500 x 220 x 150mm 
Weight: 16 lbs when batteries fitted 

Wave lengths covered: 
FM 87.5 - 104 Mc/s 
MW 525 - 1600 Kc/s 
LW 147 - 320 Kc/s 
K1 7 - 16 Mc/s 
K2 1.45 - 4 Mc/s 

Power output: 
Mains 2W 
Battery 1W 

Tuning indicator: 
500 microA Moving coil indicator 

11" x 7" SEAS elliptical full range speaker 4 ohm

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