BeoCenter 6-23


Production: 2006 - present

The versatile DVD-equipped BeoCenter 6-23 LCD TV was a first in that it could be incorporated with a DAB digital radio. It also had FM radio fitted as standard.

The 23-inch LCD widescreen TV gave a good all-round viewing angle and a front glass screen kept the picture bright and clear even when it caught the room’s sunlight. VisionClear further helped the viewing contrast. There was also DVI input if you wanted to impress the neighbours and use the TV as a computer monitor, and Beolink® which offered connectivity to any other suitably-equipped Bang & Olufsen products around the home.

BeoCenter 6-23 in red
However, the TV was not HD-ready, which might well have put off prospective purchasers from investing in it. There was also the dubious fact that even though a DAB was fitted, the purchaser had to ask just how many times in reality this feature would actually get to be used.

Looks-wise, BeoCenter 6-23 could perfectly blend into a room as it was fitted with a choice of seven colours: Black, Silver, Dark Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow, White.

The range of motorised floor and table stands could be controlled from the provided Beo4 remote control, turning the television 35° to either side. In addition, the tilt mechanism meant easy adjustment of the TV set both up and down on the vertical axis.

Available in two sizes, BeoCenter 6-23 utilised a compact one-way loudspeaker system while its bigger brother BeoCenter 6-26 used a two-way system, slightly more powerful to match the larger screen size and longer viewing and listening distances. The digital surround sound module available for BeoCenter 6-23 provided a digital surround sound experience in any setup with BeoLab loudspeakers such as the BeoLab 6000. When used with a surround sound setup, BeoCenter 6-23’s loudspeakers provide for a powerful centre speaker.

BeoCenter 6-23 technical specifications

DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT 61 x 49 x 17 cm + stand/ approx.18 kg
CABINET FINISH Silver, black, dark grey, red, blue, yellow.
REMOTE CONTROL Beo4 (Included)
POWER CONSUMPTION Typical 104 W, standby 1 W
CONTRAST SCREEN Anti-reflex coated and high glare LCD panel
TELETEXT Level 2 1/2, 9 memory pages per programme.
National character-set
TV SYSTEM: According to type and setup:
TUNING 99 programmes, autotune, programme move and automatic naming
LCD: 23” 16:9 TFT LCD
Resolution 1366 x 768
Luminance of white
(centre of screen) typ. 450 cd/m2 (typical)
Contrast ratio
(centre of screen) typ. 800:1
Response time typ. 8 msec.
Viewing angle typ. +/- 89 degrees both vertical and horizontal
MENU LANGUAGES English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German,
French, Swedish
RADIO: 99 radio presets with naming
SYSTEMS: FM (standard) and DAB (optional)
IR CONTROL OUTPUT Built in Peripheral Unit Control (PUC) – Supports one
STB (IR-blaster included)
LOUDSPEAKERS: Stereo Channel

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