Headphone U70

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Production: 1977 - 11/1984

Bang & Olufsen U70 stereo headphones offered quality, convenience and comfort. Whether seeking perfection - music straight from the system without colouration from room acoustics - or privacy, accurate contact was needed between ears and ear cups.

At the time of their introduction the U70 headphones were probably the most useful accessory which could be bought. Unless the user lived alone and had only him/herself to consider, or were lucky enough to have a separate room devoted exclusively to music, headphones were, and still are, virtually a must. They not only provide a private world for the person who wishes to listen without distraction, they also allow others in the household the freedom to talk - or watch TV - uninhibited by the music.

U70 headphones were lightweight (only 300 grams) and were very comfortable to wear, even for long periods. The ear cups could be individually adjusted both vertically and laterally and locked into position. Their height could be adjusted their height using the inner headband. The softly-padded ear cups were of the semi-open type and excluded most extraneous noises.  However they were not so completely sealed that the user could not hear the phone ringing.

Technically the U70s had a power handling capacity of 2 watts RMS and used the ortho-dynamic principle to reproduce sound with all the accuracy and fidelity of a good loudspeaker. They were supplied with 3 metres of cable fitted to a 6,5 mm jack plug. Connecting the plug to the headphone socket of a Bang & Olufsen receiver automatically switched off the main speakers.

Headphone U70 technical specifications

Application              Stereo

Principle                  Orthodynamic

Sensitivity 94 dB     8 mV

Continuous load      2 W

Frequency range    16 - 20,000 Hz

Impedance             140 ohms

Distortion               < 1 %

Length of cord and plug type    3 m, jack

Weight                   300 g


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