BeoGram 1900

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1976 - 08/1977

Documents: Service Manual

At the time of its introduction, Beogram 1900 was right at the peak of the range of available record decks. Sporting the MMC 4000 cartridge with elliptical naked diamond stylus, this fully automatic ‘intelligent’ turntable was immensely popular at the time with its striking good looks, its sleek shape, and color-coordinated body. It was undoubtedly a record deck to own at the time!

It was also produced for the US market when again it gained popularity with serious music lovers.

BeoGram 1900 technical specifications

5701 (1976 - Aug 1877) 
USA 5702 (1976 - March 1977) 

Sound system Stereo, matrix 
Speeds: 33 - 45 rpm 
Tonearm: radial 
Automatic pickup movement: Yes 
Automatic speed selection: Yes 
Output: 2 x 0.6 mV 

Wow and flutter DIN: < +/- 0.07 % 
Rumble DIN unweighted: > 42 dB 
Rumble DIN weighted: > 62 dB 
Speed deviation: < 0.1 % 
Speed control range: > 3 % 
Dial for speed stroboscope: 120mm 

Pick-up cartridge: MMC 4000 
Recommended stylus pressure: 1 g 
Stylus pressure range: 0 - 2.5 g 
Stylus: elliptical naked diamond 
Radius of curvature: 5 x 17 µm 
Frequency range: 20 - 25,000 Hz +/- 2.5 dB Tracking error < 0.126 / cm° 
Lift system Mechanical 
Antiskating Inclined channelling inside bearing 
Motor Asynchronous 
Drive system Idler wheel and belt 
Turntable 30cm/1 kg 

Power supply: 110 - 220 V 
Power consumption: 10 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 44 x 9 x 33cm 
Weight 6 kg

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