BeoLit 611 de Luxe

BeoLit De Luxe

Production: 1964 - 1966

Offering four wavebands on the FM, LW, MW and SW bands, the fully-transistorized Beolit 611 de Luxe FMK produced one full watt of undistorted sound through its powerful amplifier and good-sized inbuilt loudspeaker. It came complete with its tuning / battery-level meter, separate bass and treble controls for personalizing the sound, AFC to hold a steady FM broadcast reception and a signal-strength display with different scales for the FM and AM wavebands. For ease of use seven white push-button keys were fitted to its top permitting that of on/off, AFC, L (LW), M (MW), F(SW), tape and FM.

It was fitted with two telescopic aerials (one for SW and the other for FM reception, although they could also be used together where the reception was weak) and a separate external antenna socket so that the radio may be used within a car. It also had connections for a separate tape recorder/record deck and an external speaker.

This radio was also known as the Beolit 611 Danish. It was similar to the Beolit 611FMT portable radio but had a different cabinet and covered the 75-194m band on SW.

It ran on its own ‘D’ size batteries fitted internally.

Beolit De Luxe 611-FMK was replaced by the Beolit 700.

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