BeoCenter 2300 DAB


Production: 1995 - 1995

This special 2300 was produced in 500 examples for a test of DAB by Danish Radio.

Built on B&O's 2300 platform, the 2300 DAB was modified with a Motorola Power PC 821 processor to control the special DAB-functions. The DAB receiver itself was placed in the accompanying "black-box" made by Bosch/Blaupunkt.

The radio can be used directly via the push buttons, or with help from a remote control unit, which is a modified computer made by Apple Newton NotePad.

A PCMCIA (PC Card) slot on the top left-hand side of the back casing was another difference from the ordinary 2300.

BeoCenter 2300 DAB technical specifications

Type: 7400 (1995)
S/W: 1.0

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