BeoVox Cona Passive Subwoofer

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1989 - 05/1994

Before the first Bang & Olufsen active sub-woofer in 2001 - the BeoLab 2 - was produced the first Bang & Olufsen passive sub-woofer in 1989.  Not quite the same calibre, the Beovox Cona was useful when used with smaller Beovox loudspeakers such as the CX100/CX50 or C40/30 range of compact speakers.

Containing just the one driver the Cona reproduced signals from the left and right channels in equal parts. The arrangement was made possible by the fact that the human ears cannot differentiate directions of low frequencies so that the Cona could be placed anywhere in a room in order for it to function.

BeoVox Cona Passive Subwoofer technical specifications

Long-term max. input power 125 watts 
Max. noise power 60 watts 
Impedance 6 ohms 
Frequency range +4 -8 dB 40 - 195 Hz 
Power at 96 dB SPL 5 watts 
Sensitivity 1 W 89 dB 
Cabinet principle Bass reflex 
Woofer 20.5 cm Dual Voice Coil 
Crossover frequency 175 Hz 
Net volume 25 litre 
Dimensions W x H: 43 x 27 cm 
Weight 7.5 kg

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