Type M Passive Loudspeakers


Production: 1963 - 1965

Loudspeaker Type M was a bookshelf speaker and comprised two drivers delivering 6W. The drivers were Peerless manufactured type H65W low-midrange and MT25HFC tweeter.

Cabinet dimensions: 480 x 230 x 250mm

Type M Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

Height: 23cm 
Width: 45cm 
Depth: 23,5cm 
These dimensions permit placing the speaker in conventional systems of hanging bookshelves 
Lead length: 4,8m 
Bass: One Peerless H 65 W. 
Treble: One Peerless MT 20 HFC + crossover network with crossover 
frequency of 4,000 c/s. 
Enclosure is entirely closed and air-tight - very powerful damping by means of rockwool ensures unusually smooth frequency response 
Power capacity: 6 - 8 W 
Frequency range: 50-20,000 c/s. 
Frequency range: +/- 3 dB: 60 - 16,000 c/s

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