Production: 1992 - present

Introduced in 1992, MasterLink (ML) is the follow-up to the MCL (Master Control Link) system which was used to connect specific Bang & Olufsen products in order to receive sound and vision around the house. It is used nowadays by Bang & Olufsen systems which lack built-in power amplifiers such as BeoSound 3200, Beosound 9000 and BeoCenter 2. At the time of its introduction, Beosystem AV9000 initially used MCL but was converted to use ML early in its life.

MasterLink uses a faster ‘bus’ speed.   This is the speed or frequency at which the data moves around.  This strength of the signal and the speedier communication which it permits is very suitable to carry video images to a Link Room (i.e., another room in the house or building which is connected to the master system) which are as perfect as the source.

Both MCL and ML can use the Beolink 1000 as well as the Beo4 remote control terminals whereby the same computer language is ’spoken’ thus allowing the components to ‘talk’ to each other.

An ML/MCL Converter permits the two variants of link systems to communicate with each other.  In this way, a user can link both ML- and MCL-designed products together.

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