BeoGram 3000 Type 5210 (1967)

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1968 - present

Beogram 3000 (type 5210) is nowadays much prized and sought after in that it is considered exceptionally rare. The history of this deck revolves around Jacob Jensen’s sophisticated and world-beating Beolab 5000 System which, in 1967, found that it had no suitable record deck to complement it.  Bang & Olufsen used the reliable but unremarkable Thorens TD124 Mk II motor unit on which to base their designs upon which, using their own ST/L pickup arm and SP9 cartridge, was labeled Beogram 3000.

Bought by record purists at the time it is interesting to note that many replaced the Bang & Olufsen arm with an SME 3009 pickup arm, thus removing almost all evidence that Bang & Olufsen had ever been involved in the first place!

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