BeoMaster 2000 (1974)


Production: 1974 - 07/1978

Documents: Schematic, Service Manual

Delivering an impressive 40 watts of undistorted sound per channel, Beomaster 2000 - upon the time of its production - was an all-new model, even though it had a physical appearance to its predecessor, the Beomaster 1200. It was easily capable of delivering high-quality sound to the larger loudspeakers in the Bang & Olufsen range, and the receiver became celebrated for its technical competence as well as its good looks.

Its tuner was also of a new design, using the latest integrated circuits of the day. There were facilities for five preset radio stations, and the unit came with AFC and ’silent tuning’ to cut down static noise while tuning in to radio stations.

There were connections for two tape recorders, being able to be switched from one to another to allow the copying from one tape to another, as well as two pairs of loudspeakers and a pair of headphones.

As with the Beomaster 1200 evidence of  ’slide rule’ controls were still in evidence, but on the top right-hand side was now positioned a large round sensitive dial to allow the accurate, manual tuning of one radio station. This matched Beomaster 6000, the most-powerful receiver in the range.

In positioning the receiver, a thin metal stand was incorporated to face it forward, slightly slanting towards to user. In this way, the person could see all of the controls (which would otherwise be hidden above) from a distance.

Beomaster 2000 could be combined with the Beogram 2000 record deck and the Beovox 3702 three-unit loudspeakers when it was known as the Beosystem 2000 (as shown below).

BeoMaster 2000 (1974) technical specifications

Type: 2801 (1974 - July 1978) 
Sound system and loudspeakers: 2 sets of stereo 
FM pre-tuning: 5 stations 
Tuning indicator: dual light 
Muting FM: Yes 
Loudness: Yes 

Power output at specified distortion 1000 Hz RMS: 2 x 40 W / 4 ohms 
2 x 30 W / 8 ohms 
Music power: 2 x 75 W / 4 ohms 
2 x 40 W / 8 ohms 
Speaker impedance: 4 ohms 

Harmonic distortion: 1000 Hz 50 mV DIN 45500: < 0.06 % 
Intermodulation DIN 45,500: < 0.25 % 
Frequency range +/- 1.5 dB DIN 45500: 20 - 30000 Hz 
Channel separation 1000 Hz DIN 45500: > 56 dB 

Bass control at 40 Hz:: +/- 17 dB 
Treble control t 12500 Hz: +/- 15 dB 

FM tuner: Range 87.5 - 104 MHz 
Sensitivity 26 dB, +/- 40 kHz < 1.5 µV / 75 ohms 
Signal-to-noise ratio DIN 45,500 > 65 dB 

AM tuner: 
LW 147 - 350 kHz 
MW 520 - 1605 kHz 
Sensitivity 20 dB LW 200 kHz 85 µV 
MW 1000 kHz 85 µV 
Power consumption: 20 - 250 W 
RIAA amplifier: built-in 

Dimensions W x H x D: 68.5 x 7.5 x 27cm 
Weight: 8.2 kg 
Connections: Headphone Max. 8 V / 200 ohms 
Tape: 2 sockets output 15 mV / 20 k ohms DIN 
Speakers: 2 sets 
Aerial FM: 75 ohms 
Phono: DIN

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