BeoMic BM6 Microphone

BeoMic Microphone

Production: 1961 - unknown

BM6 was a pressure-gradient ribbon microphone with full-frequency range, perfect figure-eight directional characteristic and a 3-position switch for speech, music and off. It had an international standard plug (DIN) and 150-ohm impedance - the internationally-accepted impedance for dynamic microphones in recording studios. Adding the BM7 microphone converted the BM6 into the BM5 mono/stereo microphone which could be use for stereo recordings according to the MS or AB method as desired.

BeoMic BM6 Microphone technical specifications

Dimensions 170mm high, 27mm diameter  
Hum sensitivity -146 dB  
Impedance 200 ohms  
Response 30-13000 cHz +/- 2,5 dB  
Sensitivity M position,85 dB below 1V/µbar 
T position: 4 dB lower

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