BeoPlay H3

BeoPlay Headphones

Production: 04/09/2013 - present

Two new headphone models in Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay line-up were announced on the evening of Monday 9 April 2013: the H3 in-ear model, which will sell for €249/£199 and the €399/£329 H6 over-the-ear model which combines the company’s traditional anodized aluminum finish with leather and lambskin. They were launched at a special event at London’s Fabric club, held in association with Universal Music’s Yellow Lounge crossover classical events.

The new headphones are the work of Danish designer Jakob Wagner, working in conjunction with the company’s acoustics and electronics experts at Bang & Olufsen’s HQ, The Farm, in Struer, Denmark.

Presented by Bang & Olufsen CEO Tue Mantoni, who introduced both the headphones and, with Universal Music Group boss Max Hole, performances by guitarist Miloš and pianist Valentina Lisitsa, the pair of new headphones are aimed at “people who don’t want to listen to music using little white earbuds”, as the CEO told his audience.

The H3 earphones use 10.8mm drivers in milled aluminum housings, available in silver, red and black (gold from February 2014), with the accommodations being drilled with 23 ventilation holes, tuning the headphones to give an open soundstage and deeper bass.

The items weigh just 12.8g and come complete with a 1.35m durable black-colored cable (red cable with the red BeoPlay H3) with a three-button inline remote and microphone for use with iOS devices. The item will be sold with its case with cable management.

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