BeoVox CX50/100 Passive Bookshelf Loudspeakers

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1984 - 2003

Following on from the Beovox C30/C40 and C77  from a couple of years earlier, the compact loudspeakers Beovox CX50 and CX100 proved immensely popular over the years. Indeed they are still highly sought after nowadays as they are easily placed anywhere in a home where sound is required and blend in to most décors well. They were particularly useful in a Beolink® system when they would be used with Beolink Passive with which to power them although they could still be used as principle speakers in a main system. The Beovox Cona was useful in this latter scenario by which to enhance the bass response.

Production came to a halt in 2003 after almost nineteen years of production making them one of Bang & Olufsen’s most popular products.  During this period many examples were sold with the majority still in use around the world today.

The Beoox CX50 was the replacement for Beovox C30/C40 and the larger CX100 model replaced the Beovox C75.  Design changes were made - the woofers were placed flat instead of at an angle and its vent and log-line port taken away - although the sound that both models produced always belied their true size.

They were not replaced when they were withdrawn from the product line as by then Bang & Olufsen had moved totally on to the manufacture of active loudspeakers only.

 Bang & Olufsen UK Ltd., Eastbrook Road, Gloucester GL4 7DE have introduced an ‘active’ AM aerial to give improved reception on the medium and long wavebands. The mains-powered Active Antenna 10 (27.50 GBP) has two ferrite-rod aerials and an amplifier housed in a round 245mm plastic box.

Also new from B&O are a couple of compact loudspeakers designed for shelf or wall mounting, with cabinets of extruded aluminium in natural or black anodised finish. The CX50 (135 GBP per pair) is a two-way system measuring 120 x 205 x 205mm, while the larger CXIOO (189 GBP per pair) has three drive units on angled baffles and measures 120 x 320 x 205mm.

Taken from ‘Gramophone’ magazine - Dec 1984 (page 128)

BeoVox CX50/100 Passive Bookshelf Loudspeakers technical specifications

Model CX100 CX50 
Dimensions 12 x 32 x 20.5cm/5kg 12 x 20,5 x 20,5cm/3,5kg 
Cabinet Finish Black/white/Aluminium Black/White/Aluminium 
Long Time Power Output per Channel 100 Watts 80 Watts 
Max Sound Pressure Level 89 dB 89 dB 
Frequency Range 50-20 000 Hz 60-20 000 Hz 
Cabinet Principle Bass Reflex Bass Reflex 
Woofer 2x 10cm 1x 10cm 
Tweeter 1x 2.5cm 1x 2.5cm 
Net Volume 4 litres 2.5 litres

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