BeoCom 6000

BeoCom Telephone

Production: 1998 - present

With BeoCom 6000 you are able to combine the extended possibilities of a cordless phone system with the most advanced answering machine in the world - BeoTalk 1200 - and put yourself in command of all your daily communication needs. With BeoCom 6000 is B&O's first digital and cordless phone. There is also an ISDN version.

BeoCom 6000 is the complete digital telephone system with up to 6 cordless handsets for each member of the family to use. it is a direct challenge to the traditional concept of how a telephone should look and function. In setting new standards in design, BeoCom 6000 offers individuals a flexibility and freedom never-before experienced. The use of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology allows the telephone to form a complete, internal telephone system for the home and office.

Up to six handsets, needing only individual chargers, can be linked to one base unit. 'Cordless freedom' may be obtained as no cables are needed to link the individual handsets, and only one telephone socket is required. Each unit has a display with access to a 200-number memory with Caller ID shown by name if it's already stored in the telephone book. Entries made in a handset are automatically reproduced in other handsets within the system, which will also remote control the volume of Bang & Olufsen televisions and music centres.

With an eye-catching form that just invites you to pick it up, BeoCom 6000 is everything you could ask for in a cordless telephone and then some more

Multifunctional / Easy Operation
BeoCom 6000 is also much more than just an exercise in shape and innovative design. It’s easy to use, comfortable to hold and offers a sound quality that can only be Bang & Olufsen

Easy Access, The Wheel
There’s no point in filling a telephone with useful features and functions if they’re difficult to access and complicated to understand. The wheel at the centre of BeoCom 6000 is designed to put everything directly at your fingertips and bring unrivalled simplicity to everyday communication

Volume Control A/V
Adjust the sound on your Bang & Olufsen audio-video products directly from your BeoCom 6000 handset. Simply press ‘A’ for audio or ‘V’ for video and rotate the wheel to turn the sound up or down

Caller ID
Caller ID lets you see the phone number, date and time of the latest 24 calls made to you - and lets you return the call with a single press of a button

Phone Book
The Phone book holds up to 200 name and number entries and is built up automatically as you make and receive calls

The redial function gives you instant access to the details of the latest 24 numbers that you have dialled. Telephones are used a lot more than other electronic equipment and sometimes under tougher and more hazardous conditions. Design and technological features mean little if your telephone lets you down when you need it most, so the anticipation of what can happen to a telephone has been turned into a fine art at Bang & Olufsen. B&O telephones are exposed to extremes of heat and cold, they have coffee spilled over them, dust blown at them, they're stepped upon and subjected to a whole series of bumps, vibrations and falls. And it's not only the unexpected that's tested for; a robot assesses daily wear and tear by methodically lifting and replacing the handset of a telephone 100000 times, while a mechanical finger dials telephone numbers over and over again. In a space of days, the life of a telephone and everything the modern world may throw at it is simulated many times over!

Loudspeaker Quality
'Earphone coupling loss factor', 'receiver loudness rating value' and 'acoustic leakage' are technical terms that mean little to most telephone users. They are just some of the things that Bang & Olufsen test for to determine the sound quality of a BeoCom telephone. The enhanced sound of the BeoCom telephone range is the result of Bang & Olufsen’s long-standing specialisation in the miniaturisation of high-performance loudspeakers. Every BeoCom handset contains a built-in pressure chamber loudspeaker that ensures optimal natural sound reproduction while minimising distortion and sound leakage. But Bang & Olufsen telephones are not only the result of theoretical calculations and complicated acoustical analyses, the final test is the human ear itself. A listening panel made up of people with an extraordinary sense of hearing provides the most crucial evaluation of BeoCom telephones.

Whether it’s a matter of business or pleasure, you will always find a Bang & Olufsen telephone that matches your needs when it comes to intelligent features and placement options. But why stop there? Bang & Olufsen want to make sure that the telephones that bear the B&O logo are just as much a pleasure to look at as they are to use. That’s why a whole new range of living colours has been developed that span from a cool blue and grey to a bold red and terracotta.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a telephone to match with your surroundings or one that will stand out and make a statement, the choice is yours. With seven strong colours to choose from, BeoCom 6000 spoils you for choice. Mix the colours of the additional handsets so that they blend in with the decoration of your home.

Complete telephone system for the family or a small business, with up to 6 cordless handsets, each has a wheel with access to a 200 number memory with caller ID, shown by name if it's already in the directory. It also gives you remote control of the volume of the latest Bang & Olufsen televisions and music systems.

May 2002: BeoCom 6000 range was updated with the introduction of new colours and new types of chargers and holders.

May 2005: Seven years after the introduction of BeoCom 6000 it was necessary to update the chipset. Mainly of a technical nature, the menu of all BeoCom 6000s manufactured after this date will include a changed structure of the menu and the new feature of being able to connect EarSet 1 Home.

Backwards-compatible, the handset can be connected to any existing Bang & Olufsen DECT system. However, the proviso is that the existing base station and handsets are updated to software version 2.5.

Due to safety reasons the updated handset will not fit table chargers produced before May 2003 or the triangular base station. The risk of having a burst from the line if the handset is placed in the old triangular base station, when using a headset, has forced mechanical change to be made the phone.

The revised part numbers for BeoCom 6000 handsets can be found below, all other part numbers for the range are unchanged.

Handset Black: 1100033
Handset Blue: 1100034
Handset Grey: 1100035
Handset Yellow: 1100032

BeoCom 6000 technical specifications

BeoCom 6000 Base
Category: Cordless
Line interface DECT/GAP
1 analogue
Dimensions WxHxD: 132 x 156 x 183 mm. handset included
Finish base: Aluminium
Range indoor / outdoor: up to 50 m/300 m
Memory (Phonebook): up to 200 numbers with names
Features Paging
Handsets Up to 6
Accessories: Repeater: EU 0895333 GB 0895326

BeoCom 6000 Handset
Standard 2,4 GHz MARS
Category: Cordless
Standard: DECT/GAP
Dimensions W x H x D handset: 53 x 160 x 28 mm. /175 g
Finish handset: Black, Blue, Green, Red, grey, yellow, terracotta
Capacity (standby/talk time): 80 h/480 min
Charging time: 4 h
Range indoor / outdoor: up to 50 m/300 m
Caller ID with date and hour: 24 numbers/names
Memory (Phonebook): up to 200 numbers with names
Redial: 24 numbers/ names
Features: Audio / Video / Link volume control
Dialling of Caller ID
Volume control
Microphone mute
Call duration
Keypad lock
Ringer settings
Accessories: Desktop / Wall chargers
Standard DTMF
Supported Supplementary Services : MWI

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