BeoSound 4


Production: 2006 - 02/2013

Documents: Owners Manual

BeoSound 4 had a built-in CD player, FM radio and SD card slot for recording and playback of digitally-recorded tracks which could be recorded directly on to an SD memory card (up to 2GB) directly from BeoSound 4, or from a computer. Sound was recorded by the unit in CD-quality. DAB radio was also available as a factory fitted option.

In use, BeoSound 4’s dark glass cover moved gently upwards to reveal the buttons and wheels of the operation panel. A user could Select CD and the glass door continued upwards with its CD clamper rising upwards to accept insertion of a disc. A full-graphic display allowed for running text and combined with the wheels and buttons on the panel to ensure simple, but effective control of all of the available musical options. In addition to menu buttons, the turn-and-click navigation wheel offered simple shortcuts.

Placement options included that of a round aluminium base for placement on a table or shelf as well as a tall floor stand and wall brackets.

Once music has been transferred to a memory card, it could be played on BeoSound 4, on the BeoSound 2 MP3 player or on the portable BeoSound 3 as well as other manufacturers’ equipment. An auxiliary input allowed for the connection of other products like an iPod.

BeoSound 4 had MasterLink connections for listening around the house (the unit is a full Audio Master (N.Music and N.Radio compatible)), Power Link connections for connecting active speakers and could be connected via BeoPort to access Internet radio.

BeoSound 4 technical specifications

Dimensions/weight: 28 x 31 x 24 cm / 4 kg (lid closed)
28 x 39 x 27 cm / 4 kg (lid open)
Cabinet finish: black
Remote control: Beo4 recommended
Power consumption: typical 25 W, standby 1 W
Radio 99 radio presets with naming; FM
(with RDS) and DAB (optional) Compact disc naming (200 titles), random, repeat.
Disc sizes: 12 cm, 8 cm
SD Card Built-in MMC/SD Card reader, supporting MP3, WMA, with naming, random, repeat
Connections: Power Link, Audio AUX in / out, FM aerial, DAB aerial (optional), Master Link, Headphone
Accessories: Wall bracket, aluminium; Floor stand, aluminium
Optional: Net Music/Radio optional via BeoPort

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