BeoLink MCL

Production: 1985 - present

MCL 2 AV (Types 2020, 2021, 2023) allowed for independent volume control, local audio and video sources and control of Bang & Olufsen audio and video components in a Master Control Link (MCL) system.

Over and above the specifications for MCL2A, it offered a higher level of sophistication enabling maximum usability and complete control of a main-room hi-fi or television set around the house. It was the most sophisticated MCL system to date and far outweighed the hitherto advantages of earlier systems such as Link 82 and Link 30.

MCL2AV technical specifications

Frequency response IHF 20 - 20,000 Hz 
Harmonic distortion, THD IHF < 0.05 % 
Signal-to-noise ratio > 80 dB A-weighted 
Channel separation 10,000 Hz > 60 dB 
Level difference between rooms 12 dB adjustments range without change in center room 
Input sensitivity / impedance:
Master Control Link 20 V 100 kohms 
Tape, CD, TV (Aux) 200 mV / 70 kohms 
Power Link 1 V/100 ohms 
Tape, TV (Aux) 200 mV / 3 kohms 
Power suppy, MCL adaptor 2024 220 volts 
Power consumption 2.5 watts 
Dimensions W x H x D 30 x 15 x 3cm 
Weight 0.9 kg

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