BeoCenter 1


Production: 2001 - 2006

Replacing the well-intended but overall disappointing BeoCenter AV5, the BeoCenter 1 was a 25″ colour TV complete with a DVD player, radio and CD player and gave the user everything that he or she needed in a modern, good-looking, compact unit.  The CD/DVD was placed in a very discrete holder which gracefully slid out to face the viewer by the simple pressing of an aluminium bar beneath the screen.  For its size the built-in active speakers filled a small viewing room with expectionally good sound. And with the inclusion of FM radio, BeoCenter 1 made for an all-round TV and hi-fi system.  The BeoCenter 1 was originally shipped with a separate Beo1 remote control - a sleek aluminium terminal specifically designed for the BeoCenter 1.  However, with few buttons to control the TV and its separate sources, the Beo1 never really caught on, and in 2002, before the TV wass withdrawn, BeoCenter 1 was sold with the better equipped Beo4 remote control. The on-screen menu system with later 2004 models also changed.

There was a good choice of colours and table and floor stands, and from early 2003 a Dolby Digital Surround kit could be fitted as well as a Set-top Box Controller and satellite module.  Most DVD-R and DVD-RW discs could be played too, making this TV an exceptional choice for those wishing to buy a good all-rounder.


BeoCenter 1 technical specifications

Types: NEU 8510, HK 8512, GB 8513, AUS 8515, SNG 8516, F- GB 8518 (Introduced 2001)

Terminal included Beo1
Stand turning function +-35 degrees, motorised
Picture tube/Visual picture 63 cm (4:3)/60cm, Black line, Black Matrix
Contrast screen Anti-reflection coated contrast screen
VisionClear Auto picture adjustment
Auto cut-off
Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Scan Velocity Modulation
Teletext Improved Teletext
9 memory pages per program
CTV system According to type: B/G/D/K/I/L/L´/M, PAL/SECAM, NTSC on AV
Tuner range 45 - 860 Mhz, VHF band I-III, S, Hyper, UHF
Pretuned TV programmes 99, auto naming
8 Program Groups
Stereo decoders A2 + NICAM

DVD: built-in
Disc sizes 12cm
Frequency range 20Hz - 20KHz
Playback the following: DVD-Video, Video CD, CD-A, CD-R, CD-RW
Multistandard PAL/NTSC
Signal-to-noise-ratio Typical 100 dB, A weighted, in Audio mode
DVD Zone: according to type

FM: built-in
Pretuned radio programs 59
Tuner range 87,5 - 108 MHz

Power amplifier modules 4 units
Frequency range 50-20.000 Hz
Max sound pressure level 96 dB
Cabinet principle/Net volume Bass Reflex/2.6 litre
Woofer 115mm
Tweeter 18mm
Bass equalizer Adaptive
Magnetic shielded Yes

Satellite module
Tuner range 950 - 2150 Mhz
Programmes 198 TV/Radio
Sound systems Mono/Stereo
Satellite radio Yes
Down conv. supply 14/18 Volts control, Tone Control (22 Khz)
DiSEqC (One way control)

Connections: Input TV and FM Arial, 2 x 75 ohms
V.Tape - AV/Decoder 2 x 21-pin for V.TAPE, A/V or Decoder. RGB and S-Video in
Camcorder/Auxiliary 3 x phono sockets (video in/audio L-R in)
Headphone socket: mini jack
Power Link 2 x 8-pin socket
Master Link (Optional) 1 x Master Link
Satellite (Optional) 1 x F-connecter
System modulator (optional) 1 x 75 ohm aerial mal (Splitter/System modulator Output)
Set-top box Controller (Optional) Mini jack

Optional features/modules: Satellite module 4190
Set-top box Controller 4195
System Modulator EU 4016
System Modulator GB 4018
Master Link Module 4015

Stands: Type: Height, incl. TV Diameter, plate
Table stand 4185 82 cm 29,5cm
Floor stand, low 4186 105 m 44 m
Wall bracket 4188 80cm
Video stand 4189, High Gloss Black 119cm
Floor stand, high 4187 (plate)
4194 (base)
4199 (tube) 231cm 60cm

Market specifications:
Market: Type: Country: Active CTV system Basic CTV system *) DVD Zone *) System modulator
NEU 8510 A-B-CH-D-DK-E-GR-I-N-NL-P-S-SF-Other B/G B/G 2 G
HK 8512 HK D/K/M/I B/G/L/D/K/M/I 3 I
GB 8513 GB I B/G/L/L'/I/D/K 2 I
AUS 8515 AUS B/G B/G 4 G
SNG 8516 SNG, EEU B/G/D/K B/G/L/L'/I/D/K 2 G
F-GB 8518 F-CH B/G/L/L'/I B/G/L/L'/I/D/K 2 G

*) Basic CTV systems can be switched ON in Service menu.
*) DVD Zone can be changed in Service menu. NB Can be changed up to 25 times

Dimensions W x H x D/Weight 61 x 73 x 42 cm/ 40 kg
Cabinet finish black, blue, yellow, grey, red, green
Power consumption Typical 81 watts, standby:< 0,8 W

Most recent S/W T851X 3.15 T852X 2.91 T853X 2.91

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