LC2 Light Control

Miscellaneous Controller

Production: 1993 - 2006

Repacing the LC1 Light Control unit in 1993, the LC2 offered a new design style as well as being much smaller than its forerunner. No longer a ‘box’ and more a discrete, small unit, the LC2 could be placed in-line in a cable connected to both a mains electricity supply and a lamp. With the advancement of electronics the whole unit was much more compact and was easier to install than the LC1.

Its diamond-shaped design was finished in white and polished aluminium and included a domed infra-red receiver within the rounded sensi-touch ‘button’ on the top. By touching this sensi-touch dome the connected lamp would turn on or off; by resting a finger on the unit the light level gradually dimmed up and down.

The LC2 could be used with the same LIGHT-keyed remote control terminals as the LC1, namely Beo4, Beolink 1000MKIII, Beolink 5000 and Beolink 7000. Later LC2 units (from December 2003) could no longer support low voltage or fluoursecent bulbs.

Nine local light settings could be stored on the LC2 with dimming of each light unit being made individually.

The light-control units were also timer-programmable through two-way communication with a two-way audio source (Beosystem or Beocenter, like the Beocenter 9500) acting as a timer-host. In this way the user could set the lights to dim at a particular time. Note that since two-way communication products were withdrawn from sale in the mid-1990s this is no longer possible.

LC2 Light Control technical specifications

Market: Type: Intro. year: Last sold:
  2130 1991 2001
G 2131 1991  



Operation Sensi touch
Recommended terminal Beo 4
Beolink 1000 MK2, MK3
Beolink 5000
Beolink 7000
Finish White
Power supply 220 - 240 V
Power frequency 50 Hz +/- 5 %
Standby consumption 0.7 W RMS
Weight 195 g (with wall mounting, 210 g)
Dimension W x H x D 98 x 52 x 98 mm
Control Principle Phase-cutting (TRIAC)



Standard filament bulbs 40 - 300 W

Connections: Standard filament bulbs 40 - 300 W

High-voltage halogen bulbs: 220 - 240V 40 - 300 W

Low-voltage halogen bulbs: 220 - 240V transformer 40 - 300 W

Low energy bulbs (on/off): 0 - 100 W

Fluorescent tubes (on/off): 0 - 100 W

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