BeoLit 500 (1972)

BeoLit Portable Radio

Production: 1972 - 12/1975

Following on from the Beolit 400, the Beolit 500 too offered FM reception only. However, this particular portable radio also contained its internal transformer making the BeoPower unit no longer necessary.  One could plug the radio into the mains socket to use it. It offered a full 1 watt of undistorted sound.

Function-wise, the radio included a two-position tone switch located at the side of its AFC switch which ‘chopped off’ the upper frequencies of FM broadcasts.

Not too popular a model, the portable radio was replaced by Beolit 505.

BeoLit 500 (1972) technical specifications

Power output 1 watt / 4 ohms 
Speaker impedance 4 ohms 
Harmonic Distortion At 50 mV output: < 0.8 % 
At specified output < 2 % 
Frequency response: 90 - 14,000 Hz 

Dry cells: 5 batteries: 33 x 60.5mm 
Voltage: 7.5 volts 
Power consumption with Power Unit (Beolit 400 with external power supply, Beopower 600): 
AC: 220 - 240V 
Frequency: 50Hz 
Power consumption: 0,7 - 5W Dimensions W x H x D: 22 x 36 x 6cm 
Weight 2.62 kg 
FM Radio: 
Range 87,5 - 104 MHz 
Sensitivity <1.2µV / 75 ohms 
Selectivity >23 dB 
Limiting <7µV / 75 ohms 
Frequency Response 65 - 20,000 Hz 
Harmonic Distortion <1.2 % 

Connections: External Power 7.5 V 

Colours: black, white or red

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