BeoGram 1200

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1969 - 12/1973

Documents: Service Manual, Service Manual

Another first as far as Bang & Olufsen was concerned in that Beogram 1200 was designed with integration in mind as the deck was part of the Beosystem 1200, a hi-fi music system based aesthetically and technologically around the specifications of Beomaster 1200. Whereas products previously had been at least color-coordinated, the idea of the 1200 system was one of total integration in almost every way.

Looking quite stunning with it's minimal ‘less is more’ platter, the record deck stood out from the others in quite a big way. Five rows of supports - ten in total and shaped in the form of a star - were placed just a few millimeters above the brushed aluminum platter allowing the vinyl disc to seemingly float on air.


BeoGram 1200 technical specifications

Type: 5214 ( 1969 - Dec 1973) 

Speeds: 45 and 33 rpm 
Rumble Better than 55 dB (DIN B) 
Wow and flutter +/- 0.15 % peak value (DIN) 

Amplifier / Output voltage: 
250 mV at 1000 Hz, 4 mV input voltage 
Pickup arm: Special type 
Pickup: SP 14 A 
Stylus pressure 2g 
Dimensions W x H x D 44 x 11.65 x 33cm 
Weight 6.55 kg 
110 - 220 V AC 
Power consumption Max. 14 W 

5 mV - 1000 Hz / 47 kohms

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