BeoPlay A8


Production: 2012 - present

Announced 2 May 2012 the BeoPlay A8 is the replacement for the existing BeoSound 8 and is based within the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay sub-brand. The BeoPlay A8 was sold at a premium, over and above the existing BeoSound 8 price:

“Based on the highly successful BeoSound 8, the new BeoPlay A8 will arrive during the summer with built-in AirPlay streaming. Same great sound and design, but with increased flexibility on how you can play your music. So, until BeoPlay A8 arrives, we have decided to lower the price of the BeoSound 8 as long as inventories last! ”

A Press Release from Bang & Olufsen stated mid-September 2012 that: “All existing and new customers of BeoPlay A8 will be offered the new (Apple Lightnight) dock connector free of charge through the “A8 dock upgrade program”. Users can register their email on to be notified when more details are available on the dock upgrade programme”.

BeoPlay A8 technical specifications


Material: Painted plastic, aluminum & fabric

Colors: White/white, Black/black

Power Amplifiers: Bass/midrange 70 W/4 Ohm, Class D, Treble: 35 W/4Ohm

Speakers: woofer (12,5cm); Tweeter (20mm)

Cabinet volume: 1.3 litre

Bass Equaliser: Adaptive Bass Linearisation

Effective Frequency Range: 38 - 22,000 Hz

Room Adoption Switch: Free, Wall, Corner

Power Consumption: Typical: 10 W; Standby: 0.4 W

Protection: Thermal protection

Loudspeaker Cabinet Principle: Sealed box

Connections: iPod/iPhone/iPad connector, mini-USB, Line-in via Phono

Features: AirPlay, iPod/MP3/PC/MAC Player, AirPort Express/Bluetooth music receiver (audio playback via line-in) (iPod/iPad player via removable dock)


Fret colors:

Black, White, Silver, Yellow, Red, Orange, French Roast, Ultramarine Green (In October 2014 an all-black version was introduced)

Dimensions / Weight: 66.1 x 23.9 x 16.4 cm/4.25 kg

Box contents: 

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