EarSet 3

Miscellaneous Headphones

Production: 2008 - present

was a wired, stereo headset with built-in microphone and a 4-pole mini-jack which, besides being dedicated to providing the highest sound quality for music on the move, was designed to fit the individual ear comfortably. The dynamic full tone loudspeakers mounted on a telescopic bar were constructed according to the open loudspeaker principle which allowed the user to hear some of the surrounding sounds, dependant of course on volume levels. The idea was that, although enjoying the privacy of being surround by sound, the user was not totally cut off from the outside world when wearing it.

A high signal-to-noise ratio meant that annoying noise known from many digital music players was almost absent, in a similar way to EarSet 3’s partners, the A8 Earphones. The sound quality was also affected by the placement of the EarSet in the ear, therefore small covers made of foam rubber were fitted to make it more comfortable and to compensate for the leak that might occur if the ear was bigger than the EarSet earphone.

EarSet 3 adjusted itself easily to the contours and curves of the individual ear, and whatever the level of activity, the EarSet 3 sat firmly and precisely ensuring that the sound experience was a personal experience only. The microphone was placed on the wire and was conveniently combined with the hook switch.

Designed with carefully selected materials, fulfilling the ultimate comfort for the user as well as a high level of robustness the EarSet 3 consisted of two recurrent materials: brushed aluminium and a special soft-touch rubber coating. Being robust and scratch-free materials, they suggested quality, comfort and top design. Weighing only 8 grams on the ear, EarSet 3 were very light to wear over long periods.

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