BeoMaster 5000 (1967)

BeoMaster Tuner/Amplifier

Production: 1967 - 1972

Documents: Brochure, Service Manual

Beomaster 5000 was one of the components of the first ‘true’ Hi-fidelity units that Bang & Olufsen ever created. Designed by the pen of Jacob Jensen, the Beolab 5000 System - made up of two main components: the Beolab 5000 amplifier and the Beomaster 5000 tuner - was, from the outset, an object for pure audiophiles and broadcasters alike.

With the emphasis on quality, each Beomaster 5000, before it was shipped from the factory in Struer, was rigorously checked to ensure that it matched the exacting specifications that had been designed for it. A test report was provided for the prospective purchaser as proof.

BeoMaster 5000 (1967) technical specifications

US 2013 (1967 - Dec 1973) 
2005 (1967 - Dec 1972) 
Tuning range 87 - 108 Mc/s 
20 dB signal-to-noise ratio 0.8 µV 
Useable sensitivity 1.5 µV 
Limiting 1.5 µV 
Signal-to-noise ratio 75 dB 
Distortion 0.4 % 
AM suppression 52 dB 
Capture ratio 2 dB 
IF bandwidth 300 kc/s 
Detector bandwidth 1 Mc/s 
Stereo crosstalk 40 dB 

Connections: RCA or DIN socket for amplifier 
DIN socket for tape recorder 

Pilot and carrier suppression 50 dB 
Frequency response: 20 c/s - 15 kc/s, stereo, mono +/- 2 dB 
Channel difference, output +/- 2 dB 
Aerial inputs 
Output level for amplifier 
Output level for tape recorder 
4-stage gang-turned front-end with separate oscillator and mixer function 
AFC (automatic frequency control) 
Automatic stereo/mono switching level adjustable between 1 and 100 µV 
Muting (removes inter-station hiss) Switching level adjustable for signal strengths between 0.5 and 40 µV 
Precision tuning meter 
Stereo indicator for visual identification af stereo broadcasting 25 tuned circuits, 22 transistors, 20 diodes

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