BeoMaster 2300


Production: 1983 - 1984

Beomaster 2300 was a non-remote controlled 2 x 30W receiver fitted with an FM radio based upon the Beomaster 1900.2 which it replaced, with its ‘dimple’ sense-touch controls. 

There were connections between two pairs of loudspeakers, turntable, cassette deck and a pair of headphones.

When connected to other suitable Bang & Olufsen products, Beomaster 2300 could form the heart of the Beosystem 2300 (see image below).

BeoMaster 2300 technical specifications

Type no: 2905 
Power output RMS: 2 x 40 W/4ohms, 2 x 30 W/8 ohms 
Harmonic distortion -26dB: <0,07% 
Harmonic distortion: <0,1% 
Intermodulation: <0,15% 
Frequency range +/- 1,5 dB: 20 - 30kHz 
Damping factor: >60 
Headphones output: Max 11V/200 ohms FM sensitivity 46dB: <30 microvolts/75 ohms 
FM frequency range +/- 1,5dB: 20 - 15KHz 
FM harmonic distortion: <0,4% 
FM stereo separation: >35dB 
Pilot suppression 19kHz/38kHz: >45dB/50dB 
Power supply: 110-130-220-240v 
Max power consumption: 185W 
Dimensions WxHxD/weight: 62 x 6 x 25cm/7,6kg 
Finishes: teak or rosewood

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