BeoGram 3400

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1975 - 11/1979

Documents: Service Manual

At the time of Beogram 3400’s release, there was substantial interest in ’surround sound’ from black vinyl records using the various forms of quadraphonic systems that were around at the time.  A fad, perhaps… a little like 3D cinema, which rears its head every now and again only to hide back in a cupboard a few years later. However, if a customer wished to foray into the world of quadraphonic, then the Beogram 3400 would have been a good choice as this particular record deck was able to play both stereophonic as well as SQ-matrix quadraphonic recordings. The possibility of playing CD4 records was also an option.  For this, a supplementary CD4 decoder (the CD4 Demodulator) could be bought which automatically detected and played back CD4 records when setting up with the turntable.

Beogram 3400 had a radial turntable which played back discs at both 33 and 45 rpm. It came with an MMC 5000 cartridge and matched well other Bang & Olufsen record decks of its day with its sleek good looks, choice of finish and automatic playback.

An exciting record deck for the Bang & Olufsen collector.

BeoGram 3400 technical specifications

703 (1975 - June 1977) 

Sound system CD - 4, stereo, matrix 
Speeds: 33 - 45 rpm 
Tonearm: radial 
Pick-up cartridge: MMC 5000 
Recommended stylus pressure: 1g 
Stylus Shibita Diamond 
Radius of curvature CD-4 quadro 
Frequency range 20 - 15,000 Hz +/- 2 d 
20 - 45,000 Hz (CD-4) 
Automatic pickup movement Yes 
Automatic speed selection Yes 

Wow and flutter DIN: < +/- 0.07 % 
Rumble DIN unweighted > 42 dB 
Rumble DIN weighted > 62 dB 

Speed deviation < 0.1 % 
Speed control range > 3 % 
Dial for speed Stroboscope 120mm 
Output: 2 x 0.6 mV 
Stylus pressure range: 0 - 2.5 g 
Tracking error < 0.126 / cm° 
Lift system: mechanical 
Antiskating Inclined channelling inside bearing 
Motor: asynchronous 
Drive system: Idler wheel and belt 
Turntable 30cm / 1 kg 

Power supply: 110 - 220 V 
Power consumption: 10 W 
Dimensions W x H x D: 44 x 9 x 33cm 
Weight 6 kg

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