EarSet 1 Home

Miscellaneous Headphones

Production: 2003 - present

You can use BeoCom 4, BeoCom 1 and BeoCom 6000 with the dedicated EarSet 1 Home earphones. By connecting the earphones to your phone you can enjoy total hands-free flexibility. EarSet 1 Home has the same exceptional sound quality of any Bang & Olufsen telephone and can be adjusted to the most comfortable individual fit. There are both left and right ear versions available and one for your mobile phone as well.

EarSet 1 Home is a genuine Bang & Olufsen telephone accessory based on the successful A8 Earphones. The aluminium microphone arm is an important element in the visual appearance and is also part of the robust microphone design. This suppresses noise from the surroundings ensuring the listener receives both loud and clear sound reproduction at all times. Together with the BeoCom 4 Belt Clip, EarSet 1 Home forms an easy-to-use hands-free solution. By mounting the plug of the headset in the belt clip and not in the telephone, it is possible to remove BeoCom 4 when dialling a number, without having to worry about disconnecting the headset plug and cable.

EarSet 1 Home may be used together with the BeoCom 4 Belt Clip.

A new EarSet was introduced in February 2006 to complement the Serene mobile phone. Note that the EarSet provided for the Serene is specifically designed for the mobile phone and has a different connection to the standard EarSet 1 mobile products that are available for other mobile telephones.


Part numbers: EarSet Home 1 Left 1002495

EarSet Home 1 Right 1002595

Belt Clip 1002649

EarSet 1 Home technical specifications

Earset 1 Home types:

Country Type Intro. Year Last sold
DK, NL, D, CH, A 0024
2003 Q1  
All markets
2003 Q2  


- Microphone Electrect condenser microphone
- Loudspeaker Electro-dynamic speaker
  In-ear type (intra-concha earphone)
Dimensions W x H x D 35 x 59 x 14 mm
- Microphone arm Length 100 mm
Weight 20 g
Finish Aluminium: natural
Cord 1.2m
Plug Spring-probe
Variants EarSet 1 Home Left (Type 0024)
  EarSet 1 Home Right (Type 0025)
Part numbers:


EarSet Home 1 Left: 1002495

EarSet Home 1 Right: 1002595

Belt Clip: 1002649

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