BeoCord 1100/ 1101

BeoCord Compact cassette

Production: 1975 - 09/1978

Documents: Schematic

Beocord 1100 was an updated version of the  Beocord 900 but with the added benefit of a built-in Dolby B Noise Reduction system which was quite unusual for the mid-1970s.  It thus stood out from the crowd and featured pretty much everything at that time which the user required for recording on to compact cassettes and playing them back through a music system.

Features of Beocord 1100 included a Super Permalloy recording/playback head and an electronic auto-stop at the end of the tape.  You could also use either Chrom Dioxid or normal (ferric oxide) tapes. Two VU meters allowed for a visual display of recording and playback levels for both left and right channels.

Looks-wise, it came with an anodized aluminum black fascia to complement (in a fashion) Beomaster 1100.  Beocord 1100 was also recommended for use with Beocenter1800, Beocenter 3500, or as a second tape deck for Beocenter 1600.

BeoCord 1100/ 1101 technical specifications

1100 Type: 2612 
1101 Type: 2613 (1975 - June 1978) 

Compact cassette: C60-C90 
Tape head: Super Permalloy 
Dolby system: Yes 
Iron oxide: tape Yes 
Chromium dioxide tape: Yes 

Stop at the end of tape: Yes 
Microphone type: Mono 

Wow and flutter, DIN: < +/- 0.3% 
Speed deviation: < +/- 1.5% 
Frequency range: 40 - 12500 Hz 
Fast forward and rewind: 90 sec 

Signal-to-noise ratio DIN: >54 dB 
Signal-to-noise ratio chrome: >62 dB 
Power consumption: 20 W 
Dimensions: 40 x 8.5 x 24cm 
Weight: 5.3 kg 

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