BeoGram 6000 (1981)

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1981 - 01/1983

Documents: Owners Manual

Following on from the Beogram 2402, the newer Beogram 6000 record player incorporated a very early form of Datalink connections which allowed for one-way data communication between Beomaster 6000 or Beomaster 8000 (Beomaster to Beogram). It was an elementary system; the only facility the user had by remote control was in starting and stopping the record deck. But in these early days, where remote control of a hi-fi system was still quite a novelty it was an effective way to impress the neighbors!

The Beogram 6000 - a cheaper and easier version of the Beogram 6006 - was replaced after about eighteen months or so by Beogram 6002 which also, by way of Datalink, was very similarly-equipped.

BeoGram 6000 (1981) technical specifications

Speeds 33-45 rpm. 
Wow and flutter < +/- 0.06 % 
Rumble weighted > 65 dB 
Rumble unweighted > 45 dB 
Motor Servo controlled DC 
Drive system Belt 

Power supply
180 - 265 (110) V 
Power consumption 8 watts 
Dimensions 44 x 8.5 x 37 cm 
Weight 6.5 kg 
Recommended stylus pressure MMC 20 EN 12 mN / 1.2 gram 

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