BeoGram 1001

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1973 - 12/1974

Beogram 1001 was based upon the previous Beogram 1000 with very few changes made. Subtle yet superficial design changes were made to the exterior including a change of B&O badge and slight changes of color and materials used. The pickup on the Beogram 1001 was that of the newer SP14 instead of Beogram 1000’s SP7. And because by 1973 not as many customers required turntable speeds of 78rpm, that choice was excluded from this new model’s specifications. It could thus play only33 and 45 rpm discs.

It is also interesting to note that this particular deck was the last one which could only be operated manually. From 1975 all-new turntables were of the semi-automatic or fully-automatic variety.

BeoGram 1001 technical specifications

Type: 5101 (1973 - Dec 1974) 
Speeds: 45 and 33 rpm., with provision for vernier adjustment of speed 
Rumble Better than 55 dB (DIN B) 
Wow and flutter +/- 0.15 % peak value 

Pickup arm: ST/L 15° 
Pickup SP 14 A 
Recommended tracking force 1.5 - 2.5g 

Voltage: 220 volts AC 
Power consumption 10 W 

Dimensions W x H x D 36 x 11.5 (approx. 12.5cm with dust cover) x 31cm 
Weight 6 kg

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