BeoVision 3-32


Production: 2001 - 07/2003

The BeoVision 3-32 was a wide-screened tabletop model television. With widescreen TVs gaining ground in the early years of the 21st century Bang & Olufsen moved away from the conventional 4:3 format to the 16:9 format whereby prerecorded formats such as DVDs would be shown to their best advantage.  So out went the MX-range of ’square’ TVs and in came BeoVision 3 as a table-top replacement.

Using the same tube as the BeoVision Avant the BeoVision 3-32 offered an excellent quality picture. A contrast screen was standard, but an anti-reflective coating could be ordered as an additional option. The superb sound was provided by the forward-facing active loudspeakers situated on either side of the screen.  A replaceable framed cloth surround could be bought in a variety of colors to revamp a tired color scheme instantly or to make the television instantaneously blend itself into a new environment. A choice of six was on offer:


The television - like the MX-range and most other televisions from Bang & Olufsen - was made to look slimmer than it was.  From the front, and offset at an angle, it seemed narrower than its bulbous back belied. The TV sat on a rounded-off anodized aluminum ‘base’; the width of which was proportionate to a Beocord V8000 VCR or DVD1 which could be housed inside specially-designed stands beneath the set.

A 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround module could be fitted within the television. MasterLink was fitted as standard as was the Beo4 remote control.

A motorized base/stand was introduced in late 2002, and a year later BeoVision 3-32 was joined by a smaller BeoVision 3-28 partner. With the advent of flat LCD/plasma televisions, the BeoVision 3 range was withdrawn in 2006.

BeoVision 3-32 technical specifications

BeoVision 3 - 32 
Dimensions W x H x D: 96 x 77 x 58cm Weight: 65 kg 

Front Cloth Colours: Red, Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow 

Power consumption: Typical 134 watt/stand-by < 1.8 watt 
Terminal included: Beo4 

Picture tube/Visual picture 81 cm / 76 cm (16:9) 
Wide-Screen, Real Flat 

Curtain: Electronic 

Contrast screen (Optional): Anti-reflex coating 

Auto picture adjustment 
Auto cut-off 
Digital CTI 
Adaptive Luminance Peaking 
Scan Velocity Modulation 
Improved letterbox 
Motion Clear 

Teletext level 2*, 1780 pages 
Wide Screen Signalling (WSS) 
FastText (FLOF), 4 memory pages per program 
17 Teletext languages in 7 groups 
Group 0 English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Czech/Slovak 
Group 1 Polish, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Serbo-croat, Czech/Slovak, Romanian 
Group 2 English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Turkish 
(Russian) Group 3 English, Russian, Estonian, Czech/Slovak, German, Lithuanian/Lettish, Ukrainian 
(Greece) Group 4 English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, Turkish, Greek 
(Arabic) Group 5 English, Arabic, French 
(Hebrew) Group 6 English, Hebrew, Arabic 
Tuning: Auto-tune, program move and semiautomatic naming 

Tuner range: 45 - 860 MHz, VHF, S, Hyper, UHF 

TV programmes: 99 

Stereo decoders: A2 + NICAM 

Theft protection: With pin-code or Disabled 

Speakers : 
Power amplifier modules: 
4 units 

Long term max. output power per module: 39 watts 

Frequency range: 55 - 20,000 Hz 

Max. sound pressure level: 96 dB 

Cabinet principle/ Net volume: Bass Reflex / 3.5 litres 

Woofer: 115 mm 
Tweeter: 18 mm 
Bass equalizer: Adaptive 
Magnetic shielded: Yes 
Dolby® Digital Decoder : (optional) 
Decoding capabilities: 
Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel decoding 
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two channel Dolby® Digital 
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two channel PCM 
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two analogue channels (Lt/Rt) 
Automatic format detection (Dolby® Digital, PCM) 
Calibration : 
3 channel Tone control & loudness (L/C/R) 
Bass management, Delay management 

Sound modes (Speaker 1 - 5): 
Speaker 1: 
Stereo internal speakers (Subwoofer muted) 
Speaker 2 2.0/2.1 : 
Stereo external speakers / Stereo external speakers + Subwoofer 
Speaker 3 3.0/3.1 : 
Dolby®-3 stereo / Dolby®-3 stereo + Subwoofer 
Speaker 4 4.0/4.1 : 
Stereo-4 / Stereo-4 + Subwoofer 
Speaker 5 5.0/5.1 : 
Dolby® Digital or Dolby® Pro-Logic Surround / Dolby® Digital + Subwoofer 

Connections : 
- Digital audio input 
- External BeoLab speakers: 
2 x Coax phono, Input-1 for AV-SCART, Input-2 for DECODER-SCART 
5 x Power Link (Left, Right, Rear left, Rear right, Subwoofer. - Internal Centre) 

Speakers recommended, Front/Rear: 
BeoLab 8000, BeoLab 6000, BeoLab 4000 or BeoLab1 

Speakers recommended, Subwoofer: BeoLab 2 

System modulator : (optional): 
Splitter/System modulator output to Link Room (Beolink Video Distribution) 

Frequency range: 
479 - 831 MHz (in 1 MHz step), Dual side band 

Automatic Gain Control 

According to type : FM sound system G : 5.5MHz, FM sound system I : 6MHz 

Connection: 1 x 75 ohm arial male 

Satellite module : (optional) 

Tuner range: 950 - 2150 Mhz 

Programmes: 119 TV/Radio 

Sound systems: Mono/Stereo 

Satellite radio: Yes 

Down conv. Supply: 
14/18 Volts control, Tone control (22 Khz) 
DiSEqC (One way control) 

Connections: 2 x F-connector (2 x 75 ohm) 

Set Top Box-Controller : (optional) 

Controlling boxes with BEO4: 
Supported boxes : Se list at Bang & Olufsen Retail System (via internet) 

Controlling one or two boxes (2 x STB): 
1 box controlled by use of the IR-blaster included in the kit. 
2 box controlled by use of the IR-blaster included in the kit and IR Y-adaptor(6174171) and one more IR-blaster(8330352). 

Connection: 1 x Stereo mini jack 

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