Beoline 1



The Beoline 1 furniture range was introduced to the Bang & Olufsen line-up at the same time as Attyca. The idea behind Beoline 1 was that, as it was made up of different-sized cubes, a floor stand and a wall shelf, it could be arranged to accommodate a wide range of Bang & Olufsen audio and video products.

Six Beoline 1 units were available, and with a little design flair and imagination, a user could combine them with audio and video products of the day to give a practical storage solution and which could be added to as time went on.

In matt black and easy-wipe white surfaces, the units were neutral enough to blend in to most users’ surroundings.

Beoline 1 technical specifications

Beoline 1 Box Type 2081

38 x 38 x 38cm / 8kg

Beoline 1 LP type 2082

38 x 38 x 40cm / 12,5kg

Beoline 1 CD/CC Type 2083

38 x 38 x 40 / 15kg

Beoline 1 Low Type 2084

114 x 19 38cm / 14kg

Beoline 1 Stand Type 2085

114 x 20 x 36cm / 12kg

Beoline 1 Shelf Type 2086

(Placed on top of two or three cubes), 5,5kg

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