BeoGram 2202

BeoGram Record Decks

Production: 1980 - 01/1983

Designer: Jacob Jensen

Documents: Service Manual, Schematic, Owners Manual

The only difference between the Beogram 2200 and this newer Beogram 2202 was that this latter version was fitted with a more modern low-inertia tonearm to yet further reduce possible wear of records during play.

Recommended for use with Beomaster 1900.2, the deck was fitted with an MMC 20E pickup, and ease of use was guaranteed.

BeoGram 2202 technical specifications

Type number: 5741 
Pickup Cartridge: MMC 20E 
Recommended tracking force: 15mN/1,5g 

Speeds/control range: 33 - 45rpm/+/-3% 

Wow & flutter: <+/- 0,06% 
Rumble weighted: >65dB 
Rumble unweighted: >45dB 
Motor/drive system: Servo-controlled DC/belt 
Power supply (50-60 Hz) consumption: 180 - 265 (110)V/8W 
Dimensions: 44 x 8,5 x 37cm/6,5kg

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