BeoVox 1500 Passive Loudspeakers

BeoVox Loudspeaker

Production: 1967 - 1968


BeoVox 1500 Passive Loudspeakers technical specifications

Dimensions: 635 (width) x 280 (height) x 305mm (depth),
Volume 38 Liters.
Three-way with crossover frequencies at 800Hz and 5KHz. 

Woofer : Seas 28/17 TV-GW 
Midrange : Peerless G 50 MRC 
Tweeter : Peerless MT 25 HFC 

Frequency range 45-18000Hz (DIN 45570). 
Power rating 15W (25W max). 
Impedance 4 Ohms. 

Available in Teak and Rosewood. 
Has a midrange adjustment (rotating switch with 5 settings) at the back. 
A 2 pin DIN socket is provided to attach an external tweeter such as the Beovox 2500.

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