BeoCord 3300


Production: 1987 - 01/1990

Documents: Owners Manual, Service Manual

Beocord 3300 was the cassette recorder/player for the Beosystem 3300. Replacing Beocord 2000, Dolby B NR was included but was missing auto-reverse, a feature which was contained within later models.

Looks-wise the player, together with the rest of its system partners looked dull, especially when one held it against the later, and brilliantly-finished Beosystem 4500. The cassette recorder was later replaced by the Beocord 4500. However, it was still a famous model, as one of the chief benefits was that you could hang it on to the wall.

BeoCord 3300 technical specifications

2941 (1987 - Jan 1990) 
AUS 2945 (1987 - May 1988) 
GB 2942 (1987 - Jan 1990) 
USA 2943 (1987 - Jan 1990) 

Compact cassette: C46-C60-C90 
Recording system: HX PRO 
Remote control: Terminal 3300 via Beomaster 3300 
Direct operation: Sensi touch 
Auto recording pauses at CD, 4 sec. pauses 
Auto recording stop at CD, tape end 
Search system: Pauses in music 
Noise reduction system: Dolby B 
Tape switch: Auto Ferro/chrome 
Tape head: Sendust 

Wow and flutter DIN: <+/- 0.15% 
Fast forward and rewind: C60 110 sec 
Frequency range chrome: 25 - 18,000 Hz +/- 3 dB 

Signal-to-noise ratio CCIR/ARM: 
Metal Dolby B: >64 dB 
Chrome Dolby B: >65 dB 
Ferro Dolby B: >63 dB 
Power supply: 
2941 220V 
2942 240V 
2943 120V 
2945 240V 
Power consumption: max. 20 W 
Dimensions: W x H x D 42 x 7 x 24.5cm 
Weight: 3.8 kg 
Connections: AudioLink

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